The 3/1 Association Ridiculous Tattoo Fundraiser

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This fundraiser event has ended, we’re sorry you missed it!

View the results here!

We are putting the power of the internet to good use with some good-natured torture! 

Drawing inspiration from the Hero Archetype, embodied in every Marine who has done time in 3/1, we will be putting a price tag on our self-respect. John Harsh, the Secretary, and Clay Narey, the Treasure, have agreed to get one ridiculous tattoo. 4 ridiculous tattoos have been chosen by the 3/1 leadership.

Vote on the tattoo you want these two hard chargers to have on their skin for life. One dollar counts as 1 vote, with no limit on how many votes you cast. The tattoo with the most votes wins. You can purchase votes in our store or scroll down to see the links & current vote counts!

We are raising money for the 3rd Battalion 1st Marines Association. Our mission is to raise $10,000 to go toward the 3/1 reunion, as well as for operating expenses for the Association.

If you are also willing to get a ridiculous tattoo in the name of the 3/1 association, please fill out our contact form to sign up.  Participants names will be added to the list of honorable gentlemen.

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